Avon Fire & Rescue Service highlights support available during Deaf Awareness Week

Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) is using Deaf Awareness Week, which takes place from 14 – 18 May to highlight the support available to residents with hearing difficulties.

Area Manager for Risk Reduction, Neil Liddington said: “One in six people in the UK are affected by hearing loss and we want to ensure that we are doing what we can for the residents of Avon that this affects, so they are kept safe in their homes.”

AF&RS offers support to people with hearing difficulties which include:

  • Smoke alarms that use a strobe light and vibrating pad that goes under your pillow.
  • A Home Fire Safety Visit which will allow our firefighters to assess which type of alarm would best suit your needs.

AF&RS recently visited the home of 96 year old Winne to fit a smoke alarm and provide her with a vibrating pad, which she can place under her pillow when she goes to bed.

Winnie said: “I do feel much safer now I have my new alarm and I make sure it’s under my pillow every night to alert me if my smoke alarm was to sound.

“Every night, I follow the same routine, which involves closing all my doors and lifting the seat on my stair lift, to make sure someone can get up the stairs easily in an emergency.”

Neil added: “You can request a Home Fire Safety Visit for yourself or on behalf of a friend or loved one. Please visit www.avonfire.go.uk, text ‘visit’ to 07507 319 694 or call 0117 926 2061. More advice is also available at https://www.avonfire.gov.uk/safety-advice/advice-for-people-with-disabilities