Chief and Deputy Chief Fire Officer suspended

At a meeting of Avon Fire Authority’s Employment Committee Panel on Thursday 27 July the decision was taken to suspend the Chief Fire Officer and Deputy Chief Fire Officer of Avon Fire & Rescue Service with immediate effect, pending investigations into the findings contained within the Statutory Inspection report and complaints made against them.

Suspension is a neutral act to protect the organisation and the individuals concerned. At the moment these are only allegations which will be investigated in line with disciplinary procedures and processes.

Avon Fire Authority will be making no further comment.

In the interim, peer support continues to be provided by the Chief Fire Officer of Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service, Stewart Edgar, and other neighbouring fire and rescue services.

Steps are also being taken with the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) to find suitable individuals to act as interim Chief and Deputy Chief Fire Officers.

Members of the public can be assured that there will be no impact on our operational capability during this period.