Firefighters launch safety campaigns for university students

Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) is launching a student safety campaign to coincide with Freshers weeks taking place across the area.

AF&RS have been called 63 times to student halls of residence in the Avon area to tackle fires, false alarms and other incidents since September 2015.

The campaign highlights that if students have been drinking alcohol it is better to get a take away rather than attempting to cook and risk starting a fire, putting lives and treasured possessions in danger.

As new students arrive in the area AF&RS is also promoting water safety, encouraging young people to ensure they stay with friends on a night to avoid accidents around waterways. Since September 2015 AF&RS have been called to 25 water rescues in the Avon area. 

As well as attending Freshers events at universities in Bristol and Bath, the Service is also running online campaigns and competitions to encourage safer behavior by students. 

Group Manager for Risk Reduction at AF&RS, Matt Peskett, said: “We have had a number of water rescues in Bath and tragically some of these incidents were fatal.

“It is important that if students are on a night out drinking alcohol, they stay with their friends and try to avoid a journey home that involves passing open water.

“Also when students get back to their halls or home they should avoid cooking if they have been drinking, it’s much better to order a take away than risk a fire and losing all their treasured possessions.”

Some of the supporting artwork used in our student safety campaigns

Animation depicting emoji losing their treasured possessionsanimation showing how someone can drown easily when drunk