Chairman of Avon Fire Authority takes the lead on fire safety

Firefighters from Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) have visited the home of the newly elected Chairman of Avon Fire Authority to make sure his smoke alarms are working and to offer fire safety advice.

Councillor Peter Abraham was elected Chairman of Avon Fire Authority at the meeting on Friday 29 May.

In his new role as Chairman, Councillor Peter Abraham wanted to ensure his fire safety measures at home were adequate, so invited members of the AF&RS Community Safety Team to visit his home in Coombe Dingle, Bristol.

Speaking about the visit, Councillor Abraham said: “I was very impressed with the Home Fire Safety Visits offered by AF&RS. The staff were very friendly, helpful and informative.

“They fitted three new smoke alarms and a heat detector and offered some very useful advice on reducing the risk of a fire breaking out.

“The visit was extremely useful and made me think about how we would escape if there was a fire, our bedtime routine to switch everything off and close all the internal doors.

“I would urge anyone who doesn’t have working smoke alarms in their homes to fit them and to think about booking a Home Fire Safety Visit for someone they care about, like a family member or a neighbour.”

A Home Fire Safety Visit provides practical advice and education to prevent fires starting in the first place.

Anyone can request a free visit where a member of AF&RS staff will come to your home to provide you with information about how to reduce the risk of a fire starting.

The advice will include information about escape routes, cooking safety, electrical safety, a night time routine and what to do if there is a fire. Smoke alarms will also be fitted free of charge.

To book a Home Fire Safety Visit call 0117 926 2061, text ‘visit’ to 07507 319 694 or visit