Commitment statement and core values

Our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion

In conjunction with our staff we developed a statement of commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.  The statement below, which we adopted in 2014, sits at the heart of our equalities management framework and sums up our vision for equality and diversity at work:

“Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) is committed to being an organisation which promotes equality and values diversity.  We will strive to provide a harmonious and inclusive environment where the wellbeing, dignity and rights of all staff and service users are recognised, respected and upheld”.

Our core values

We have six organisational core values which were developed by our staff.  Our core values are a set of guiding principles which define the way we will behave towards each other and to the members of the communities we serve.

Values can mean different things to different people so we asked a representative sample of our staff what our values meant to them.  This is what they told us:


Relying on our colleagues without question or doubt.  The public having confidence in our abilities.


Respecting people and property.  Having consideration for their feelings and belongings, and treating them with value and care.


Upholding our principles.


A positive approach to problems.


Be willing to accept new ideas and be approachable.


Continually learning from every experience so that we’re better prepared for the next situation.